Purple guide is an education firm with a difference.

Purple guide is an education firm with a difference.

We update students with all the latest happenings in tech, science, and education world. When are the next exams ? Which results are live which not ? You can find them from us.

What are the new age courses, which ones are in demand and which not! How to choose a job-ready course, we update you with all the information.

What are the advantages of studying MBBS in India? Which countries are best for an Indian student to pursue mbbs abroad? We update you here and give you college options to choose from too!

Why mechanical engineering and machine designing are related? Why India is the next potential entrepreneur hub? Which college is good for which engineering course? 

How to get into top colleges? What’s their eligibility? Which colleges we have a tie-up with? List of colleges you can get into us and how we can help to achieve your dream

Normal MBA or new age courses like luxury management which has more job potential. 

Study in India or want to study abroad, we can help you with our university tie-ups.

With more than a decade of guiding students, we can help a student reach their true potential. 

If choosing an Indian college what are the dos and don’ts?

If going to study abroad what are the precautions and measures you should do? 

Contact us now, we can be your guide and help you benefit from the knowledge of our experienced educators. We will help you with your admissions!