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Flexible Transfer Policy

Don’t lose a year transfer your credits from your current university to ours

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or after course completion too

Student oriented classes and teaching

Exams at regular intervals to create a stress free environment & easy clearance

15+ engineering streams
2k+ already passed out students
Multiple joining sessions
Pass out students are eligible
Transparent process
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We are based in Chennai

For completion of the course, joining classes, and giving exams you need to attend our institute at Chennai only.

We will verify the documents and will give equivalent mapped credits from our university, for each semester a student has attended from their previous institution of study.

You can attend classes normally or give exams once your credits are transferred

Yes we are accepting engineering undergraduate transfers

Yes we are accepting engineering postgraduate transfers

Yes we are accepting Management transfers

We do accept degree transfers, but will be confirmed only once we have checked the documents

You can join any year of study from 1st to 4th (1st to 8th semester)
Depending on your course of study

Yes you can join post completion of course too, depending on your year of passout !

And complete your pending paper thru us, and complete your degree.

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We believe in giving enough opportunities for students to clear their exams, and our student friendly curriculum is designed to guide at every steps.

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Join our tied up institute.

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