Purple guide’s mission is to reach and educate people all over India, about the latest happenings in the world of tech, science, and education.

Apart from updating information about the various admission process, exams to take for qualification, courses which are in demand, we also help them to choose ones that suit their interest.

We have a tie-up with few leading universities, colleges both in India and Abroad. In the streams of arts, management, engineering, and medical.

we help students in joining these universities. We guide them from the initial stage of choosing a university of their choice and preference, to doing documentation, visa (if required), scholarships, and until they have completed all their admission process, to properly settle in the university. 

Post joining we will be in touch with the students to guide them and help them be aware of the job scenarios, and happenings in their education field.

Once part of our #purplefamily, your job as a team member is to help us reach students in your area/region. Help us share the admission trends, and help the students who are interested to join universities under us to reach them.

Recruitment is now currently open for both part-time and full-time professionals, with promising pay packages.


We are a new age education firm.

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